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Klocke Design has been the graphic design partner for AMA Cincinnati since 2014. In 2016 the parent AMA organization issued a set of brand standards to help unify the branding of the AMA chapters. AMA Cincinnati wanted to be at the forefront of implementing these standards, and I was excited to help make that happen.

It quickly became evident that there was a need for extensions of the AMA brand to give unique identity to events and programs that were specific to Cincinnati. Luckily, the AMA brand standards provided a flexible set of tools which I could use to expand the identity while still retaining the connection to the global AMA brand.

I was able to play with a wide set of colors, and took the liberty of playing with the AMA “arrow” or carat—which they use in place of the letter A—to craft new marks within the AMA family for the examples shown here.

The parent AMA organization was glad to see AMA Cincinnati embrace the new standards, and was excited at how we extended those standards beyond the initial guidelines.

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