Peg Conway has long had an interest in religion/theology and a passion for the experience of childbirth. These two drives have come together in her book: Embodying the Sacred, A Spiritual Preparation for Birth. In creating the cover illustration, my intention was to use an image of a container held with reverence and with care—a metaphor for carrying a new life. The use of the bowl came from an exercise in the book. The warm earthiness of the hands defines and contrasts with the shiny bowl and the energy of new life held within.

In addition, I worked with Peg on the rebranding of her online presence beyond her blog, Sense of the Faithful, to include her first book as well as officiating/celebrating at weddings, funerals, and other important life events. This time using photographic imagery, I again emphasize spirituality and mystery, inspired by Peg’s Catholic roots.

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